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Sargassum on-line forum

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Launched in August 2015, the on-line platform dedicated to the Sargassum issue aims to share related information and experiences, as well as to exchange about the development of projects related to Sargassum. The following topics are broached:

  • Basic research about the origin of the phenomenon
  • Forecast of the landings
  • Management of the landings
  • Impact assessment
  • Potential uses of algae of the Sargassum genus.

Compared to a mailing list, the interest of this tool is to gather in one place, the « forum », all the discussions, relevant documents, and pictures which are stored and will always be accessible.

Vue générale de la plateforme d’échanges / Overview of the Sargassum on-line forum

The forum gather a large public of varied areas concerned by the issue: scientists, fishers, coastal managers, policy experts but also representative of NGOs and governments (in charge of fisheries, environment, foreign affairs, etc.).

Several relevant documents including resources from partners are in open access on the platform.

New members can only join the forum by asking for an invitation to and sending their full name, position (field), and organization in order to keep an updated list of members and make the network the most connected and living as possible!

Owing to the fact that we cannot predict when and how badly Sargassum may land in our regions in massive quantities, we have to keep sharing and obtaining more experience to handle the next possible episodes.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and sharing!