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Documentation on climate change

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You will find below some links and reports on the impacts of climate change in marine environnements and on the resilience and services of marine and coastal ecosystems.

The CARIBSAVE Climate Change Risk Atlas

RECOMMENDATION on addressing the decline in coral reef health throughout the wider Caribbean: the taking of parrotfish and similar herbivores
Adopted on 17 October 2013, at the 28th ICRI General Meeting (Belize City)

The Social Dimension of Ecosystem-based Adaptation - UNEP

MPAs as a one of the tools of ecosystem-based management
Taking Steps toward Marine and Coastal Ecosystem-Based Management - An Introductory Guide

Beyond Baselines: Rethinking Priorities for Ocean Conservation

Coral Reef Resilience Assessment of the Bonaire National Marine Park, Netherlands Antilles

A reef manager’s guide to coral bleaching

The Reef Resilience Program, by Nature Conservancy

tropical americas coral reef resilience - workshop report
Working Group On Climate Change And Coral Reefs - IUCN
The Blue Carbon Initiative - Costal ecosystems - FAQ-
Coral Reef Resilience and Resistance to Bleaching - IUCN
Governing marine protected areas: towards social-ecological resilience through institutional diversity
Reef Restoration for Coastal Defense: A Review
The KeysMAP project
Alternative Futures Under Climate Change for the Florida
Key’s Benthic and Coral Systems