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Cooperation program dedicated to SPAW Protected Areas managers

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  • A dedicated cooperation programme was developed by UNEP’s SPAW Secretariat, in consultation with Parties and interested partners, in order to support the 31 protected areas and to promote the listing of additional protected areas under SPAW which would benefit from such a cooperation programme. To this end, representatives of the SPAW sites were gathered for the first time at 66th GCFI Meeting, in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA in November 5th, 2013to discuss strengths and needs of their MPAs and agree on the elements of such cooperation programme.

The sites received support from UNEP-CEP through Small Grants awarded in late 2013 to support, amongst others, specific exchanges and meetings between them or with other Caribbean protected areas. Managers of these areas are also part of the network of mentors within the mentoring programme recently launched under CaMPAM, the Caribbean MPA Management Network and Forum of SPAW and UNEP-CEP, which aims to build capacity for managers and staff of MPAs in the region through peer-to-peer exchanges and training.